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Pattaya fun, Thailand Ladies, Nightlife & More

Thailand nightlife blends perfect with Thai girls, it's somehow a symbiosis which got the country the reputation as a great night fun destination, means beach fun during the day and nightlife after eight. A night at some Thai bars in Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai, Hat Yai, Sadao or any other place with some sexy girls is the best


treatment to cool down, relax and think about other things, just to get rid from the boring every day stuff and having a good time.

Hang out at a great Thai bar or nightclub for unique partying and enjoy a sexy Thai bar girl in a nightclub somewhere, spend some money and you will be the center of attention.

There is a distinction where to go, going to places like Patpong and Nana Plaza among others to check is mostly directed to get the lady into a hotel afterwards. Going to places such as “café’s” Thai style is a bit different, there the girls are singing and dancing and will join you after spending some flower garlands when they sing karaoke style at a stage.

The atmosphere with them is almost always a pleasant one, the girls


really try to please the customer by various means, that includes some manual operations and more in a "VIP room", they are very flexible. This is naturally not the only country with a great girls style dominated nightlife but no other country can beat the Thai way in this kind of nightlife business.

Another very big advantage is priced for services and what to pay for food, accommodations etc. the country is hard to beat as a ideal tourist destination and not only for single male traveler, its also a great holiday destination for couples and families.

If you like partying in a bar with sexy women are always in standby mode to get the mood in high gear and are willing to go with you afterwards, if you like, no need for plenty of bla bla, they know what you want. They support you to let you fly at  

Bangkok girls
Bangkok bar at Nana Plaza
Bangkok girls at Nana Sukhumvit
At Nana Sukhumvit

some sexy games after. A nightclub with some Thailand girls is the right point to start and get things moving, even if the tour just ends up as another booze cruise its with some sexy girls. No need to invest lot of time and money, just visit any nightclub in any tourist area in Thailand where they have nightlife women at Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Hat Yai, Sadao, Chiang Mai etc. and let them do the job, they like it, you like it, so what?

For Bangkok girls

in the nightlife business the best places are, Patpong, Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy and plenty of other locations along Sukhumvit Road plus more, all this is conveniently located along BTS Bangkok the so called "Skytrain". Bangkok girls could also be found in the big shopping malls, there are plenty of them who just hang around there.

Nice girls are also at the huge massage parlors, just take a taxi, but keep in mind, the taxi driver will want a commission from the place he will bring you and you finally will pay this, read more about Bangkok girls.

Thai girls
Bar girls at Phuket
Thai girls
Thai dress
Bangkok Girls Nana Plaza
Nightclub at Nana Plaza
Bangkok girls at Thaniya Plaza
Nightspot  at Thaniya Plaza
For bar girls in general,

are myriads of locations everywhere in Thailand, every bigger town in the country has some nightlife business with bar, nightclubs and "cafe's" Thai style. The bar girls really create a pleasure dome around a table diffusing any negative impact by creating a real good atmosphere.

But the bar girls are not sitting around in the bigger hotels and try to make some business like they do in China and especially in Shanghai nightlife, Peking

Bar Girls
Bar Girls at Phuket Town

etc. for bar girls read more here. It is difficult to understand this in a western environ, they never had this pleasure driven live.

Go-Go girls

are well known in Thailand, working as dancer, to get things rolling and get the guys up with some sexy dancing. Go-Go girls are mainly working in the Bangkok nightlife places, Pattaya nightlife, Hat Yai nightlife and Patong Phuket at the bars along Bangla Road, and at some bars in Phuket Town, more about go-go girls read here.

Go-Go girls
Go-Go girls at Pink Lady Phuket

Hat Yai Entertainment
Hat Yai Entertainment

Hat Yai girls

in the deep south of Thailand usually entertain guys from Malaysia and Singapore. Interestingly many girls working there are from far away there is a constant moving from Thailand girls of all parts of the country to this city, the third largest in Thailand.

Hat Yai Girls
Hat Yai Karaoke Girls

Even Myanmar girls, Cambodian girls and girls from Laos move there to earn some money, more about Hat Yai girls read here.

It's a somehow similar situation with Pattaya bar girls,

also they come from every part of the country plus Laos and Cambodia. Pattaya nightlife is probably the most compact and concentrated in Thailand since everything happen around walking street Pattaya and the beach road, there is some nightlife business at Jomtien beach but rather small. Since the Jomtien area is more family

Pattaya Bar Girls
Pattaya Bar Ladies

targeted anyway it's probably just normal. If someone wants to move from there lets say to walking street Pattaya, its only about 4 km.

The theme Pattaya girls got a new twist in resent years with the arrival of Russian girls Pattaya who work there in the nightclubs, they are a magnet for guys from the middle east and India, more.

Phuket bar girls mainly come from the provinces around the island

and from northern Thailand. The contact places for Phuket girls are the bars at Patong's Bangla road and the other beaches such as Kata beach, Karon beach Surin beach and Phuket town. In general every beach area has some kind of nightlife with bars and ladies..

At Phuket town a substantial amount of Phuket girls can be found at the "cafe's" and several bars (Pink Lady Nightclubs) plus Buddy Cafe. East of the Royal Phuket City Hotel are dozens of smaller nightclubs and bars with Thai bar girls, read more.  

Phuket Girls
Sadao Girls
Sadao Karaoke Girls close to Malaysia

Sadao Women are in the nightclubs

discos, go-go and karaoke bars at this small Thai Malaysian border town. There are several hundreds of them to have fun with the Malaysian guys coming over the border from the south. Malaysia is a Muslim country means not so much is going on in the nightshift, actually Malaysians are the top visitors to Thailand by numbers.

On top of it they close the border between the two countries at 11pm and open again at 5am, so many people get stranded and that's the time when Sadao girls get busy, more.

Everyone who come to the country has probably heard about  bar girls,

this are the cute ladies who try to make the "farang" happy by any means, they laugh with them, they drink with them, the play with them and the also do the pleasure business afterwards.

They are the reason why hundreds of foreign guys come to the country every day to have fun and this is exactly what they get. There are variants, a bit more denser and body oriented could be a great soapy massage at one of the big massage halls often as an add on to a hotel, read more.

Thai Bar Girls
Coyote dancing fun at Karon Beach Phuket
Thai girl
Sexy ladies in Thailand

A cute Thai girl, uncomplicated and positive thinking

is the dream of many foreigners who visit the cuntry to have a good time and they will have a good time it just needs not to think to much, nobody is interested in too much thinking, just enjoy your vacation and get done what you like.

This women at the tourist spots will help you by various means, she drink with you, laugh with you, yoke with you and play games with you.

If you want more it needs negotiations and keep in mind this is guy oriented but also girls oriented, more.

They are the kind of a person who can make you feel good easily,

uncomplicated but always in need of cash as most other people too. The flock to the tourist centers of Thailand, some try to please the foreigners and every year plenty of Thai girls become a Thai bride.

Most people at the tourist destinations come from the north of the country and do their job from November to May and hibernate somewhere in the north. There are whole towns in northern Thailand where all house (real good houses) have been built by money the foreign guys pass to the girls.

Thai ladies
entertainment ahoi
Thailand Girls
Thailand Girls at a sing dance show

Girls have a sometimes difficult life

usual salaries are low, a girl working as a cashier at a shopping mall gets around Baht 6000,-/ month, working in offices get around the same and waitresses even less.

Since there are temptations hiding at plenty of shopping malls and elsewhere where to get some money? everyone know this new mobile phones, a scooter and other objects of desire and how to get them with this low salaries? Well, they often do some freelancing, as long as it makes fun and don't bring complications, read more.

For Thai ladies

It is a rather normal situation to see plenty of Thai ladies having a relation with a guy who is substantially older but has enough money to support several ladies for his pleasure. This girls might go to the university during the day and have another life in the night.

Actually this is nothing Thailand specific this is usual in many countries also in Europe, US and elsewhere. The difference is mainly, in the “west” they try to hide it, in Thailand nobody really care about.
In general they are not so mad about a substantial age difference as they are in “western countries”.

For the ladies it’s fun, pleasure and money, for the guy it’s fun and maybe more, Thais have a uncomplicated approach to this subject. Which is also very visible in gay and ladyboy scene. The girls want a mobile, maybe a scooter or a car, buying a TV for the family upcountry paying the school for the brother and sisters and give some money to mother and grandmother to have a bit of a better live or maybe someone should finance the birthday party.

thai girls birthday
Thai Karaoke girls birthday

In the country there is no social security, no health security, the state does only very little for the people, they have to help themselves.

Sexy dresses and high heels, mini skits and plenty of makeup are just the right attractive companion for a great night out and some games after. In the afternoon she might receive a call or text message from a friend to come with to a new chic club, take some friends with, maybe three more ladies for the friends of the guy she know.They send a limousine for the ladies and join the guys at the club, everyone has fun and additional cash. Someone must finance her extravagant outfit when visiting the clubs ore a fancy restaurants.

It won’t end there, many Bankokians have a apartment at Hua Hin, that’s the Riviera of Bangkok or maybe have a weekend in Trang at the Amari Hotel at Pak Meng Beach, this hotel is very popular for guys taking their new friends with, having a sightseeing tour in the Trang archipelago and plenty of pleasure time

Thai Coyote girls in full swing


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